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nbsp;Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPle▓ase scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatChinese experts issue training caution as po▓pularity of marathon running growsChinese experts issue training caution as popularity of marathon running growsChinese experts issue training caution as popularity of marathon running grows05-25-2018 09:32 BJTIn the pas

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become the No.2 cause of injuries next to skiing in China.There were 47 marathons all over China in April with 17 happening on April 15 alone. By contrast, China ▓only witnessed 51 marathons in 2014. However, the▓ sport has grown so quickly that the number grew to 1,102 in 2017, an increase of almost 21 times in just th▓ree years, according to Tencent Sports.In addition, more and more Chinese people have fallen in love wi▓th jogging as they run in parks, campuses and along roads. Many then post how long they ran as well as how much time they spent on social media. The country's State Council expects the sports population to reach 435 million by 2020.Dr. Sun Yang from Beijing Sport University, who has been offering medical service for▓ many marathons, says most of the people seeking medical treatment after long distance races w▓ere those lacking scientific training. Some had only jogged for five or ten kilometers before rus▓hing to participate in half- marathons (ab▓out 21 kilometers).Sun found the same problem with lack of▓ proper preparation even among professional runners▓. If a runner who is used to making three long-distance ▓races a week increases the number to six, the chances of g▓etting sports injuries will be magnified.Sun interpreted lack of scientific training as not increasing running practice gradually. He do▓es not think it's good for amateur runners to jog e▓very day. She suggested four times of aerobic exercise a week, which means at least 24 hours of resting after each running, as the best option. During the i▓ntervals, people can do some strength exer▓cises to build up a stronger lower body which can ease the impact on their knees.As for amateur runners who register for marathons or half-ma▓rathons, Sun suggested that they should finish at least one or two distances required ▓by the event one month before in a gradual pr▓ocess with no bigger than a 10 percent increase in d▓istance every week.Director Guo believes that runni▓ng is a process when different joints of▓ your body collide with each other. If the damage caused by the collision does not surpass the rehabilitati▓on of the system, your body will not get hurt an▓d can get stronger.If the damage goes beyond rehabil▓itation, your body will suffer from injuries▓. At this moment, Guo suggested that you should stop the exercise at once and start a rest-cure.▓ Normal damage may take at most two weeks to recover.▓ If the injuries are not getting better in t▓wo weeks, the runner should seek professional help at a hospital.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on I▓nstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on Wechat▓Australian star observers gaze into new ▓world recordAustralian star observers gaze into new world recordAustralian star observers gaze into new wor▓ld record05-24-2018 17:43 BJTCANBERRA -- Canberra of Australia is a quiet city, but the Australi▓an National University (ANU) became crowded on the evening of Wednesday, with thousands of people waiting with their telescopes, and some with chair

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